Employee Benefits Consulting and Broker Services

Turning group insurance plans into a benefits strategy

American Health & Wellness Group is not your typical broker. We’re a team of strategic, employee benefit advisors who help you control health care costs by increasing the overall health of your organization. Through a detailed claims analysis, we’ll help you

  • Assess your current benefits plan
  • Design strategies for controlling or lowering expenses
  • Design and implement custom employee health and wellness programs
  • Help you make informed decisions about your group insurance plans.

This in-depth information provides the knowledge on which to base long-term strategies that shape health plan design and employee communication efforts.

Claims Analysis Tool

Our claims analysis tool benchmarks your claims data against nationally recognized norms to create a report that helps us isolate cost utilization problem areas. Benchmark surveys provide data from other employers of similar size, industry and area, so you can see how your plan stacks up.

Plan Modeler

The plan modeler lets us test out potential plan design modifications to evaluate the financial impact of the change and craft the best plan design for your group. The components of this tool are aimed at helping you create the best healthcare plan for your budget and your employees. This allows us to estimate your renewal costs and streamline the plan selection process for your employees.

Result: Strategic Group Health Insurance Plans

Through this data-driven system that emphasizes wellness, American Health and Wellness is able to assist companies in selecting the best financial model which could include fully insured or self-funded company insurance plans. Utilizing self-funded plans, companies are able to cut their costs substantially.

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