Corporate Wellness Program Overview

American Health and Wellness Group provides a unique and holistic approach to corporate health and wellness programs that goes well beyond the posters-and-phone-nurse approach of many companies touting these services.

Employee wellness — it’s the foundation of a strategic benefits plan. Our programs are customized to address the specific health and wellness issues affecting your employees and help maintain or even reduce your employee benefit expenses.

Comprehensive, results-oriented approach to employee health wellness includes:

  • AHW_HealthiestEmployeeAward_CTA_F (1)One-on-one meetings with health coaches
  • Employee communication campaign
  • Interactive wellness seminars provided on your location or via video conferencing
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Stress and weight management programs
  • Electronic pedometer walking programs
  • Programming of personalized wellness micro sites for each employee
  • Monthly posters and newsletters
  • HRA analysis of health and lifestyle issues
  • Biometric screening services
  • Employee satisfaction evaluation

Want more details? Watch some short videos about our program.