Nutrition & Weight Management Series

Welcome to our Nutrition & Weight Management Video Series!

Join Penny Hunsicker, Certified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, for a quick and delicious Power Smoothie. Boost your immune system and take care of your gut with greens, healthy fats and fiber. You won’t believe how easy and filling this is.
Did you know that if you do not drink adequate amounts of water you can compromise your body’s ability to fight off flu & viruses? Watch this video to understand why and learn ways you and your family can become Flu-Fighting Ninjas!
Listen in as Coach Paige shows us how to make Date Night fun again – the healthy way! Try this easy and nutrient rich recipe at home!
Health Coach Shelly shares her favorite tasty immune-boosting smoothies for kids!
Do you have a morning ritual to start your day? Does your mind start spinning from the moment you open your eyes? Join Coach Penny, as she walks you through her morning ritual that gives her peace throughout her day.
We’ve all heard to “Stop, Drop & Roll” when we are on fire. Well, Coach Penny teaches us how “Stop, Drop & Belly Breath” could help us drop those extra pounds!
Bored? Stressed? Lonely? Many of us eat to soothe these emotions, but how do we stop? In this video, Integrative Nutritional Health Coach discusses emotional eating behaviors and how to break the cycle.
Do you crave certain foods or have to have a sweet after a meal? Do you think about specific foods? In this video we uncover the real reasons we crave foods from a biological standpoint.
Out of control eating can hit any of us at any time, but it can also mean something else is going on in our lives. Eating gives us something that we feel like we can control when other parts of our lives feel out of control. Join me as we take a look at the Circle of Life Assessment Tool to determine the reasons we might be using food to fill more than our bellies.
Our sleep quality is altered by decisions we make throughout the day. Coach Shelly shares tips on how food can help – or hinder your sleep.
The difference between a dream and a goal is a timeline with action steps. Listen to Coach Penny as she teaches a scientifically proven way to stay motivated with your health goals!
Do you struggle with willpower? Listen as Coach Paige tells us to ditch the willpower and engineer our environment to suit our goals!
Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? Were you raised on Fruit Loops and told Cheerios are good for you? In this video series, the AHWG coaches explain why the first meal of the day is a special meal and share yummy recipes that everyone will enjoy!
Join Health Coach Allison in Part 2 of our “Breakfast of Champions” series as she does a cooking demonstration of one of her go-to healthy breakfast meals: oatmeal bake!
In Part 3 of “Breakfast of Champions” Coach Paige cooks with an ingredient you aren’t quite used to for breakfast… cauliflower!! Remember that “breakfast” foods are not only for the morning. You can have this savory meal for breakfast, lunch AND dinner! Bon appétit!
Trouble snacking? You’re not alone. Coach Shelly shares her tips for snacking smarter and healthier for you and your kids! #staywell
Being healthy doesn’t have to mean overhauling your entire lifestyle. Sometimes all it takes is a few simple changes. Follow along with Coach Paige’s top 5 principles for a healthier lifestyle!
Summertime is here and we all need to be aware of the signs and symptoms of dehydration. Coach Allison shares what to look out for in case this is happening to you or someone you know!
Whether you are homeschooling, E-Learning, or in the classroom, you might enjoy this video. Join Coach Penny, nutritional health coach and mother of 4 adult children, as she share her secrets on meals and snacks that keep kids focused and full!
With the summer months underway, that means grilling season is here! But with grilling season comes food poisoning season. Join Coach Allison as she takes us through the steps of how to grill safely!

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