Exercise & Mobility Series

Need to get outdoors and get a little exercise in? Watch Coach Shelly take her two kids outside and burn some calories and energy in 10 minutes or less! Great for both children parents!
Join Coach Paige, Certified Exercise Physiologist, for Mobility Monday! Paige will take you through a total body mobility sequence to help maintain a healthy range of motion throughout your joints. Happy stretching!
Join Coach Paige in this 15-minute total body workout to get your heart pumping!
We know that COVID-19 has got us out of our normal routine of being active. Get the whole family up and moving with this stretching video!
Join Coach Paige in this 3-part series where she runs through a mobility flow to reduce joint aches & pains. Today she is tackling shoulder pain!
Don’t want to pay for a gym membership? Not ready to go into a gym setting? That is okay! Exercise can be FREE! Watch this video as Coach Shelly gives you all sorts of ideas for “Exercising for Free”!
Millions of people suffer from back pain. It doesn’t matter how fit you are – if you spend any part of your day sitting at a desk, in a chair or in a car, you are prone to having tightness issues through your lower and upper back that cause pain. Join Coach Paige is this mobility sequence to help alleviate pain!
People often describe neck pain as a crick in their neck. Are you are having some neck pain, stiffness or tightness? Check out this video where Coach Paige, Certified Exercise Physiologist, takes us through a mobility sequence to relieve pain!
The difference between a dream and a goal is a timeline with action steps. Listen to Coach Penny as she teaches a scientifically proven way to stay motivated with your health goals!
Stress has become a way of life for many of us but Certified Health and Stress Management Coach Allison is going to share a tool to help combat those everyday stressors!
Don’t have time to fit in your daily mobility routine? We struggle too! So instead, we find short bouts of time to incorporate mobility into our day. Remember that consistency is important, even if you do not have a lot of time. Check out how Coach Paige gets her daily mobility in as the morning coffee brews!

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