Mental & Emotional Well-Being Series

Welcome to our Mental & Emotional Well-Being Video Series!

Today’s topic is all about having a good routine for yourself AND your children! This is a challenging time for everyone, but imagine how children feel staying indoors with no social interaction with their classmates. This video will give you a few tips and ideas on getting the entire family on a new “normal” routine for the time-being.
Many of us are concerned about the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on our emotional health and mental well-being. Listen in as Coach Paige gives us actionable steps to protect your family’s mental health during this very difficult time.
Try this fun, interactive game to get your family competing against one another while getting healthy and even completing chores! Game on!
When you repeat negative thoughts or a bad experience over and over in your mind, you begin to lose sight of the positive things around you. Listen in as Coach Paige teaches us how to reframe our negative thinking for a healthier mental well-being.
Have you caught yourself saying, “I’ll be happy when…”  Happiness is based on moments, but joy is from within. In this video, Coach Penny takes a holistic approach to finding joy that lasts by prioritizing your day properly.
Doing something simple and kind for someone else can bring such happiness and joy to their life. Do not forget the elderly and adults right now that may be alone during this time! Watch as Coach Shelly and her little kiddos spread some LOVE and JOY!
Do you have a morning ritual to start your day? Does your mind start spinning from the moment you open your eyes? Join Coach Penny, as she walks you through her morning ritual that gives her peace throughout her day
Being a teenager can be difficult, but being a teenager is especially difficult at this time with COVID-19. Chief Strategy Officer Kristen Mason-Glasscott’s daughter Maya shares tips on creating a daily schedule to reduce anxiety and have a daily plan.
Our kids are being exposed to the same changes that we are. Listen in as Coach Paige gives us some great Mental Health exercises for children!
We’ve all heard to “Stop, Drop & Roll” when we are on fire. Well, Coach Penny teaches us how “Stop, Drop & Belly Breath” could help us drop those extra pounds!
Kids need sleep! It can be hard for them to get good quality sleep during a stressful time. Coach Shelly shares her tips to help your children sleep better.
Bored? Stressed? Lonely? Many of us eat to soothe these emotions, but how do we stop? In this video, Integrative Nutritional Health Coach discusses emotional eating behaviors and how to break the cycle.
We are all struggling with something in this time of uncertainty. Allow our team to help whether you are struggling with mental health, stress, nutrition or exercise. Reach out to your Coach today!

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