Is It the Flu or Covid-19?

Because both the flu and COVID-19 affect the respiratory system, it can be difficult to determine which you have if you start to feel sick. Learn more about common symptoms of each illness below.

What should I do if I think I have the flu or COVID-19?

Because there is some overlap between the symptoms, it may be difficult to determine whether you have the flu or COVID-19 without being tested. As such, if you believe you have the flu or COVID-19, please call your doctor and explain your symptoms before going to a facility to seek care.

How can I protect myself from the flu or COVID-19?

In addition to getting the annual flu vaccine, you should practice social distancing, wear a face mask or covering, frequently wash your hands, avoid touching your face, avoid large crowds, and clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces to protect yourself from the flu or COVID-19.

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