Coping with COVID-19 Series

Welcome to our Coping with COVID-19 Video Series. Check in with us for important updates, tips and content to keep you and your families sane!

Listen in as Coach Penny and Paige discuss signs & symptoms of COVID-19 and helpful tips.
Today’s topic is all about having a good routine for yourself AND your children! This is a challenging time for everyone, but imagine how children feel staying indoors with no social interaction with their classmates. This video will give you a few tips and ideas on getting the entire family on a new “normal” routine for the time-being.
How are Coach Penny & Paige keeping it real during the COVID-19 pandemic? Check out our latest video to find out! You’ll learn some great preventive measures you can take in your very own home!
Today’s topic is all about how to maintain, not gain. Feeling stressed with COVID-19? Working from home? Stress and being out of routine can lead to overeating and weight gain. Get some tips on how to “Maintain, Don’t Gain” with in this short video.
Join Penny Hunsicker, Certified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, for a quick and delicious Power Smoothie. Boost your immune system and take care of your gut with greens, healthy fats and fiber. You won’t believe how easy and filling this is.

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