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Success Story: Tobacco Free

American Health & Wellness Group would like to congratulate General Hotels Corporation employee Misty Wentzel. Misty is the general manager of Holiday Inn Evansville… Read More »

Success Story: Duncan

From all of us at AHWG, we want to give a huge congratulations to Duncan, the winner of our 4-month Health Management Program at… Read More »

Success Story: Light Therapy

In December, we spoke about the benefits of light therapy in our seminars and the important to staying happy, healthy and energized in the… Read More »

Success Story: AMPG Whole Life Challenge

Congratulations to the winners of our 2018 Whole Life Challenge at AMPG! The competition consisted of an 8-week habit changing game that encourages creating… Read More »

Client Success Story: Samuel

Huge congratulations to Samuel, the winner of AMPG’s health management program! Samuel worked hard and lost 17 pounds over the course of four months!… Read More »

Client Success Story: Mary, Dru and Dave

We are so proud of our clients at General Hotels Corporation for their hard work and dedication. Mary, Dru and Dave collectively lost 70… Read More »

Client Success Story: Mary from GHC

The amazing Mary from General Hotels Corporation has lost 47 pounds total since she started working with the coaches! She has weighed in monthly… Read More »

Father-Son Client Success Story

Lenex Steel Company in Terre Haute, Indiana takes competition very seriously, especially amongst family members. In January, Herschel and Calvin Tatlock took their father-son… Read More »

Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Do you struggle to get a good night’s sleep? If so, you’re likely feeling fatigued throughout your day, which can cause serious problems for… Read More »

Back Pain Prevention and Relief

Whether you do manual labor or sit in a desk most of the day, you may suffer from back pain. When you suffer from… Read More »