Federal Court Rules Past Salary Cannot Justify Unequal Pay

IMPORTANT DATES April 9, 2018 The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ruled that the Equal Pay Act requires pay equity between genders… Read More »

Managing Weight with Fruits and Vegetables

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Public Health: Adult Vaccinations

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Initiatives to Fight Diabetes

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Are You a Soft Drink Junkie?

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Holiday Stress: Eating Healthy

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Medicare Part D Notices Due by October 15, 2017

Employers with health care plans that include prescription drugs must notify Medicare-eligible individuals by October 15 of each year whether the drug coverage is “creditable.” Each… Read More »

Mental Health Initiatives

October 1-7, 2017 is Mental Health Awareness Week. Learn how to improve mental health in the workplace. Initiatives for Mental Health Mental health disorders,… Read More »

Meet Brittany Streich

American Health & Wellness Group has expanded its team to welcome Brittany Streich, our new implementation specialist! Indianapolis-based strategic benefits advisor American Health &… Read More »